Whatever your mind, can conceive, and believe, you will achieve.
Carlos Part 1
Riddled with few job opportunities in his hometown for a Black American with a college degree, Carlos' first post college job was at Hooters Restaurant, as a kitchen helper chopping onions and tomatoes. Over a span of the next two years he balanced three jobs: Hooters, part time work at Kroger as a stock clerk, and a part time employee with 1st Liberty Bank as an item processor. Although recognized as an exceptional worker, he managed to earn a mere $800 per month while working more than ten hours per day.

At the urging of a college friend, Carlos migrated to the big city of Atlanta, Georgia where he was allowed to live rent free for three months. There he accepted a 90-day job assignment as a Senior Case Worker with the Department of Family & Children's Services (DFACS), earning little more than minimum wage and subsisting on a diet of hotdogs and beans. But through the hardships, he remained focused and determined to meet his goals. Making small strides, Carlos was hired by 1st Data as a Collections Specialist earning less than $10 per hour but allowed unlimited overtime. Working no less than 12-hour shifts each day, his tenacious work ethic transcended into speedy promotions.

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Macon may be a mid sized city attempting to handle the birthing pains of becoming recognized as a major entity economically, but it was the place of humble beginnings for trailblazer, Carlos Spry. Regarded as one of the leading real estate entrepreneurs in Atlanta, Georgia, at the age of 35, Carlos Spry has made unprecedented strides in the real estate market through education, development, mentorship, and community awareness.  Having bought and sold roughly 400 properties in a span of only 5-years in the real estate business, his road to true success was not easy.
But for Carlos, perseverance and focus were his driving forces, painting a clear road map to his prize of self-achievement. Equipped with a firm sense of spiritual and family values, combined with a strong work ethic by his parents, Charles & Janet Spry, even during his early years, Carlos demonstrated the potential for greatness. Carlos developed a keen sense of self-motivation and a will to survive during his tenure at Georgia Southern University. Upon graduating in 1995 with a BS degree in Health Science, he had maintained grueling jobs as cafeteria kitchen aid and dishwasher, while continuing his quest toward self-dependency.